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Below are screenshots of the samples websites I have already prepared, some of these these can be changed to suit your needs so if it is not what you are looking for or you would like different colours please ask to see if it can be changed to what you want. I can also use your own logos and ideas to create a new site from scratch if you prefer. 

The slideshow gives a quick look at the samples, please ask if you would like to see them as a full page on screen.

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“Pauline helped to make a vision into a reality and created an amazing website for my childminding business. If you want a professional looking website for a great price then Pauline is the person for you!”

Little Bubbas



Note that I always reply to emails so if you don’t receive a reply it could be that your email didn’t arrive to me or my reply went into your spam folder so please do check if it is in there.

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